Affordance Series 


Affordance refers to inducing human behavior and psychology. There is something that the intrinsic and external properties of a specific object convey to people. The user triggers a number of actions through this something. In other words, it means the possibility of linkage of uses, actions, and functions that occur according to a specific relationship between furnitures and users.

For example, there is a ball in front of you. We can throw the ball, we can kick it, we can roll it. All these actions are ultimately what 'balls' cause us to act. Affordance Series borrows the form of 'rollers' and industrial 'lifts' of a conveyor belt where clear movements are repeated as 'A device for using furniture'. These cues allow the user to take a natural action

Through the Affordance Series, I hope you will think about the 'interaction between furniture and people' that was unconsciously induced in our daily life.