‘niceworkshop.’ is a design studio based in Seoul. Exploring the physical properties of materials, they present experimental works of new themes and forms. We are building our own language through the series, and our representative works include ‘Bolt Series’ using full threaded bolts and the action-inducing furniture series ‘Affordance Series’.

Hyunseog Oh

Hyunseog Oh (b. 1994) grew up in a city located in middle side of South Korea. He received a BA in interior architecture from Soongsil University. Hyunseog Oh established ‘niceworkshop’ in 2021, and continuing his creative activities as an independent artist and a wide range of creative activities ranging from objects, furniture, and spaces.

16, Daeheung-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
+82 10 6280 2501