Rest In Pieces


Rest In Pieces are made from full threaded bolts and plastics, which are most commonly emitted from construction waste and household waste. Niceworkshop and Lowlit create an experience of returning discarded pieces to chair, which is the most everyday furniture by combining the by products that are constantly produced.

RIP is largely composed of full threaded bolts and nuts, and plastic bars made of dusty plastic. Each piece is fastened to each other without chemical adhesives, and since it is disassembled, it is designed so that resources can be easily recycled even at the disposal stage. RIP can overcome the limitations of originality of existing industrial products by varying the assembly sequence of each plastic piece with its own color and pattern. There are '3 to the power of 48' ways to construct a chair by arranging three types of plastic pieces, allowing customers to own one and only chair in the world.

The plastic raw material used for RIP is made of pulverized dusty plastic that are donated from the community, rather than recycled pellets that have already been recycled. This dusty plastic also undergoes classification in connection with the local senior workforce, which can create jobs for the elderly and create a sustainable production system.

W550 (mm)
D545 (mm)
H600 (mm)

Full Treaded Bolt